Thursday, May 10, 2007


I got off work today at 5 and like usual I headed home to check on the dog and relax for a minute. I then headed up to Loco's for a few happy hour beers. I have a sixth sense for beer specials and happy hour is my time to shine. After a few cold ones we head back to our house to watch the braves game. Around midnight we head to retrievers to meet jimmy and nate. we play a couple games of pool with me and doug winning both games of course. doug makes the comment some fat guy at the bar wants to fight him. this somehow always seems to happen to the douger. for whatever reason people feel threatened by him. i half didn't take him seriously because he hadn't even looked at the guy let alone said anything. so there was one ball left on the pool table and jimmy was taking forever to shoot. doug was becoming more and more paranoid. after jimmy missed doug quickly made the shot and walked for the door. at that exact moment the big drunk guy at the bar started after him. the drunk fat guy's friends quickly grabbed him and settled him down. this whole time i thought doug was just paranoid. now i know for whatever reason we will never know he had offended someone. all in all it was a fun night despite the bars being completely empty.


I'm sitting here at my computer starting my first blog ever. I used to make fun of people who would share their life stories online for other people to read. After thinking about it I thought it would be a great way to document my last year in college and all of the craziness that happens to college students.